Hello Digital Nomads,|Incubators,|Founders, welcome to Koh Mak Island coworking space

Do you want to live and work in paradise ? Then welcome to Koh Mak, a family-owned island in Thailand. We give you the opportunity to “become a Kohmakian” and to be part of an online community on Koh Mak.

Welcome to the SandBox, a tropical longterm stay coworking space on Koh Mak Island

Campus right on the beach

Experience the perfect work-life balance with your very own bungalow on the beach.

24x7 Access

Our well-equiped coworking hub called “the SandBox” is open all year and all day.

Long-term Visa

Digital nomad ? Incubators ? We can sponsor you
 or your team for a long-term visa.

Make things happen

Accelarate your startup, focus on your goals, make your team grow

Sq meters of coworking space
Private villas
Beach bar and local restaurant
Things to do

Entrepreneurs? Innovators ? Incubators? Ambitious founders? Koh mak is also known as the “Alcatraz for startups” : you have no choice but to work hard until you build your own empire.

The SandBox
The SandBox

Welcome to our coworking place. Koh Mak is for individuals and startups willing to work away from their traditional workplace and boost their team’s productivity.

The resort
The Resort

Ao Kao Resorts offers comfortable tropical villas with A/C, private bathroom and roof-top terrace, a swimming-pool, a beach bar, a restaurant facing the sunset and many activities.

The Island
The Island

“Where less is more”. Koh Mak is one of the latest untouched island in Thailand. You’ll discover a second family and an amazing place to live: relaxation, massage on the beach, yoga, muai thai, cooking class, biking trails, diving, kayaking the the neighbooring islands and much more!


Packages starting at 500 USD / month

Discounted accommodation

The Ao Kao Resort is located amongst a lush tropical gardens right on the beach. You’ll have your very own villa with bathroom and a private roof-top terrasse.

Free professional email

Get your own yourname@kohmak.com email address (we told you that you’ll become a local!)

Discounts at activities

Kayak, Diving, Cooking classes, Muai Thai, Yoga and more.

Discounts at bars and restaurants

Enjoy the delicious Thai food while watching some of the best sunsets in Thailand. Access to a wide range of options: seafood BBQ, local Thai food, italian pizza and more.

Local prices for transportation

Explore the beauty of Koh Mak using bikes, e-bikes or motorbikes.

Unlimited access to Highspeed Internet

A good internet is key to earn your life on a remote island.

Access to the SandBox

Our coworking space has printers, projectors, meeting rooms and white boards. Everything is made to boost your creativity and productivity.

Coaching by local experts

Meet experts on the island and the online Koh Mak community

Invitations to local events

You’ll be a truly Koh Makians and the island will feel like your second home.

Access to the Kohmak Academy platform

Use our studio and tools to sell your courses online and start making money from paradise.

A magic and safe atmosphere

Koh Mak has a very chilled out female and family friendly vibe.

Be productive, efficient and happy

We offer you a perfect work and life balance. Work hard, play hard.

Be part of a great community

We know that digital nomad can feel lonely, so come live on Koh Mak and find your second famIly.

Apply now

To apply you need to have a source of income in the online world and want to live in paradise.

Also, something good to know is that Koh Mak is not a party-destination unlike the majority of the thai islands.


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